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What do I get with the Mental Toughness Academy?
  • ​YOUR Mental Toughness Academy - EXCLUSIVE 11 Video Series from Ben.
  • YOUR Mental Toughness Playbook- NEWEST Edition including Ben's top training tool "YOUR emotional trigger." The 'silver bullet' he uses for his private 1-on-1 in depth coaching. 
  • ​One Day at a Time- An Up Close look at Ben's daily strategy for attacking your goals.

YOUR Mental Toughness Film Room!

This exclusive interview series features two exclusive videos never shared within the course until now. 
Get access to Ben's in-depth interview with NFL legend Jerry Rice on mental toughness and an inspiration filled speech from UFC Champ Tyron Woodley on what it takes to succeed, previously only seen (and loved) by live attendees of our Vegas bootcamp.
Why I know this will help you...
Are you tired of setting goals... and not reaching them?

What if I told you that every failure you've had can be used as a stepping stone for greater growth? 

I've wrestled with challenges all my life...





...And I have the scars to prove it! 

Growing up, basketball was my life! I had a serious passion for it, and even though I was 6'2"...I was too slow and couldn't jump! 

I took my talents to Michigan State where I watched the team win a National title. I graduated with a degree in Political Science (Pre-Law) but turned down law school and the opportunity to one day take over my father's law practice. I wanted to challenge myself to create a life of my own. My first job out of college was in sales as a Broker at a paper company (Yes, just like The Office).

Despite having no experience, I told myself from Day 1 that I was going to be the #1 paper broker in my company. 

Year after year, sale after sale, I continued to crush it! It was seriously rewarding, but no matter how hard I tried, I was always the #2 salesman. 

I'd put in more hours, work harder, and do anything I could to get ahead. 

Even when I left the company in 2003, I was still #2....right behind him, wondering why didn't I become #1?

Looking back - being the #2 salesman was one of the best things to EVER happen to me!

It taught me: 

*Mental Toughness
*Personal Legacy
*The Prizefigher Day Strategy
*And the power of an "I AM" Statement

I've developed the skill of mental toughness by applying specific strategies to my life. I set large goals, put my feet to the fire, and have learned what it takes to succeed (despite countless obstacles). Transitioning to a career as a Financial Advisor and reaching the TOP 1% of Advisors in the world helped me develop proven strategies to create SUCCESS by attacking the PROCESS rather than holding on too tightly to results I couldn't control.

Now that I've created these strategies, developed them in my own life, and successfully applied them to countless professional athletes and business executives...I'm ready to share them with YOU in YOUR Mental Toughness Academy.
My Personal Cause 
I believe that YOUR Mental Toughness Academy needs to be in as many hands as possible because it changes lives. 

It is our goal to see as many people experience real transformation as possible.

I also believe in the power of giving back, as our impact is measured in many ways. 

That's why a portion of your membership into YOUR Mental Toughness Academy will go to charity.

This is in honor of my mother, Janet Fisman Newman, who passed away in 1986, and for anyone else who suffers from this terrible disease. 

A portion of your membership goes to:

1.The Boston Medical Center, to fund the research for the cure for Amyloidosis. 

2. The Evelyn House and Hospice Center (St. Louis, MO) to provide comfort for people in their final days. 

I can't wait to help YOU continue to write YOUR story and leave YOUR legacy!

Go Do Great Things,


Need help? Contact Support at Info@BenNewman.net

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